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What is Doctorsa?

Doctors who cultivate an international mindset

We are looking for doctors who share a curiosity about the world and have an ongoing commitment to learning and staying open to new experiences and perspectives. An increasingly globalized world needs new healthcare professionals who understand and respect the cultural and linguistic differences of their patients.

See patients from all over the world

Thousands of international travelers use Doctorsa to find a doctor with the professional and cultural skills necessary to assist those who are in a foreign country and do not know the language or the healthcare system. Turn on the app and start seeing new patients. 

You control your availability

No medical software, nor agendas to update. Patients’ requests arrive on the Doctorsa Pro app. Doctors propose an appointment, in-person or by video visit. The patient chooses what works best for her.

Get paid upfront

Patients pay your fee at the time of booking. At the end of the month, you receive the total amount collected, net of platform fees (20%). You’re guaranteed against no-shows and late cancellations. 

Access an expanding network of international insurances

There is a growing demand for medical services from patients with international insurance. Our platform provides access to direct billing with a variety of insurance providers. This is a unique opportunity for you to tap into this market and offer your services to this patient population.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctorsa brings international patients to you. Patients can book appointments with you minutes after your profile is activated. You receive their requests for medical assistance on the Doctorsa Pro app. If you find the case interesting, you can offer an appointment for virtual care, in-person care or both and set your own fee.  Patients choose the option they prefer and pay online before booking an appointment. Doctorsa keeps a percentage of the fee. 

Fill out the form on this page. To keep the quality high, joining Doctorsa is mostly invite-only. We are accepting a limited number of independent candidates. You have to be licensed to practice medicine in a European country. You don’t have to speak native English but cultural and linguistic competence is mandatory.  Having lived, studied or worked abroad is often an additional requirement. 

Language fluency is important but it is more important to demonstrate one’s cultural competences and have a good dose of empathy. Professional and personal experiences abroad are certainly an advantage. After registering, you will be able to schedule your interview with a member of our team to get to know you better. 

Doctorsa is free to join with no membership fees or time commitments. You control your pricing and availability. When you turn on the app you’ll begin to receive requests for medical assistance. You can decide to decline or even ignore the requests you receive. The app can be switched on and off anytime.

You can offer, change or remove appointment offers through the Doctorsa Pro app, until the patient proceed with the payment or cancels the request. 

Joining our platform will provide you with access to a secure and user-friendly patient management system. Patients pay upfront on the Doctorsa platform while booking their appointment. They can use their debit or credit card to make the purchase. Many international insurances can also be used to pay on Doctorsa. 

Providers are paid via wire transfer on a monthly basis. You can easily track your daily and monthly earnings through the Doctorsa Pro app.

If an additional service is likely required, you can inform the patient through the app before the booking and charges will be processed through Doctorsa. If an unexpected additional service is required after the consultation you can charge the patient in your office the same way as any other self-paying patient or the patient can pay online through your personal page on Doctorsa. 

You receive a notification on your Doctorsa Pro app whenever a patient chooses your offer. 

Patients can cancel 24 hours before the appointment. No-shows or cancellations within 24 hours do not qualify for a refund and the provider still receives payment for the service.